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Poetry in Motion

Been writing all my life, fervently in the last four years. Poetry is a great place to express so much with an economical collection of words. So here are some thoughts, feelings and observation with my own choice of words.

The Covid-19 Collection—New poems---Leo Farley—2020

thursday night… tired but inspired, Invigorated but cautious intoxicated by possibilities and a little red wine

thursday night is here again will write this night when the darkness offers no competition for my time unlike the daylight, with its neediness

and craves for attention no major consequences no impending doom just sitting alone in my room searching for the keys to unlock my mind in this quiet time no worries no fears just the stillness of the night offering new possibilities for my thoughts to take flight.

April 2020


snow in winter,




waiting patiently,

to find its voice

in the babbling

brooks of spring.


hand in mine

nothing like it

hand in mine


walking down the street

proclaiming to the world

that we were a couple.

so proud of who we were

together in love, in step

in our together world.

now I walk alone

hand in mine

only a phantom limb.

April 2020


sand flowing down

obscuring the light

it seems to be moving

at the speed of life

can’t slow it down

can’t make it stop

flowing faster than ever

into bottom from top.

can’t look away

pretend, or ignore

a losing battle in

a self-imposed war.


This moment

too much time

lost today

spending time

in yesterday.

only one thing that I’m sure of

there’s nothing to be sure of

this moment, nothing more

there really was no day before.


Old flame

old flame burning bright

old lover never out of sight

fire may have dimmed

but never really went out

the embers still smolder

in the eye of this beholder.

a wave of loneliness

now fanning the flames

bringing you back

from the past again.

moments and memories

return in an instant

this old friend and lover

clouded only by distance

for the spirit there are

no obstacles in the way

travelling through space

with cosmic forces at play

once again to the flame

this old moth is drawn

fearless this time around

A chance to be re-born.

Hiding Place—LGF—July 2020

I keep you hidden

in a small but spacious

place in my heart.

You’ve been there for

As long as I can


Having reserved

that spot countless

years ago.

I would bring

you out at various times

over these many years

just to comfort

the ache in my soul

that needed a reminder

of the joy you gave me

during that fleeting and

passionate time

we shared together.

All too very short.

Passion I have never

since experienced.

A kiss on the LIRR railroad

lingers in my memory.

The warmth of your lips

still on mine.

Seems like yesterday;

let me rephrase that!

It was yesterday!

Even though so much

time has passed since.

That time passed, will

never diminish or cloud

the memory of that

place and time.

Even as I write these words,

it remains as vivid,

warm and memorable

as it was and still is.

I know nothing of love.

But if that wasn’t love,

than I am sure

that there is no such thing.

August 2020

The rain, my old friend

Good to see you again

old friend.

Good to feel you again,

old friend.

After a stifling, relentless, hot day

You’re a welcoming sight.

Flashes of lightning

Claps of thunder

Nature’s revenge, cleansing

Soothing, magnificent, glorious

Sights and sounds abound.

The only thing missing is you

In the crook of my shoulder

As we would listen and watch

Nature’s show while cuddling

in the safety of each other's arms.


Faded photograph

the color bleeds

the image recedes

the cracks in the paper

start at the edges

creeping, slowly, inwardly,

eventually obscuring those

soulful blue eyes.

it’s well-worn state

no secret

an innocent victim

of being held captive

for too many nights

and too many days

grasping, clutching and holding

it close to my heart.

the real you remains as elusive

as my prayers at night, said aloud

drifting through the air

falling on no one’s ears

but my own.


Quiet Days and Covid-Nights

Night is here again

I welcome its quiet presence.

The dark gently wraps it

arms around me,

making it hard to breathe,

but at the same time

offering a sense of peace.

offering possibility,

offering an escape

from the demands of the day

with its neediness

and craves for attention.

Falling asleep, these days,

such an effort.

I long for the days

of easy drifting off

entering the world of dreams.

My mind now full

of so many noisy thoughts

which trouble me, and keep

me wide awake.

Only the morning light

will let me know

if these words that

I have put down

on paper tonight

are even worth the paper

they are scratched on!



hand in hand

hers in his

his in hers

walking down

the city street

he turns to her

she turns to him

they kiss

mask to mask

not an obstacle

“a kiss is still a kiss”

a simple gesture

a gentle reminder

love has no borders

no walls it cannot breach

it always finds a way

and is never out of reach.


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